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What is the main difference between Analogue and Digital audio?

This is a question asked regularly and is easier to answer by listening to two sources, one digital and one analogue, the difference is obvious.  In words, however a little more difficult to compare, but can be explained thus: an analogue signal is an energy source that is constantly present from the beginning to the end.  The digital signal is a series of samples that are interrupted in time and the spaces between the samples cause the linearity and smoothness of the audio to be broken which appears as an "edgy" sound.

There seems to be some confusion about John Oram's time with Trident in the 70's and 80's and his ownership of Trident Audio Ltd for 10 years in the 90's?

John's history is on line here on this site and explains what he did and who with.  Many claims are made by many people that are totally in error.  A recent series of legal cases proved beyond any doubt the truth as contained in this 45 year history statement.