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S-25 Dual Mic Pre

In a 1U rack, this unit is an upgraded T - Audio S20 with circuitry changes giving a lower mic amplifier noise floor, higher input headroom, greatly improved slew rate and an overall improvement in sonic performance. The livery of the unit matches the new ORAM PRO AUDIO T-Series "Black-look" style of gold art on black panel with gold metal control knobs.

The Oram S25 is a dual mic pre that delivers that seriously warm analogue tone that recent day products never get close to.

  • The input selector switches between mic and line or two microphones, a great feature for comparing which mike is really the best for that particular job
  • Reverse the phase of the input signal by one switch
  • Select +48 volt phantom power for condenser mikes
  • Gain swing of the pre is from a true unity to +70 dB without any pad Ultimate quality and dynamic handling capability.

After the pre, the variable sweep low-cut controls those lows that can muddy a mike so easily . From 5Hz to 350Hz, remove stage or floor rumble, take out sub-sonic interference and actually improve the H.F. performance of the signal by the elimination of L.F. intermodulation distortions.

The product comes with a two year warranty and is, as always, Made In England.


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S-50 Channel Strip

All the usual features of the tried and tested S40 are now enhanced by the addition of an entirely new chipset that extends the bandwidth and slew rate while reducing the harmonic distortion and noise floor to incredibly low levels.

Some of the EQ ranges have been modified to improve processing of digital signals.


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S-60 Noise Gate

The ORAM 12 channel gate features individual control of 12 analogue channels by detecting the input level and opening the gate when that threshold is exceeded. The gate switching time is incredibly fast and hence the gate is silent in operation.

Originally a feature on the ORAM BEQ Series 24 console, the design of this unit was a natural progression enabling these great features to be used by non console owners.

The technology employed in the circuitry is noiseless and efficient and as a one knob device, all the user has to do is set the threshold with the control level control and the unit can be left in circuit.

Perfect for gating drums, live microphones in a public address environment and in a conference room scenario where only the speakers mike is required to be fed to the p.a. or recording device.

Housed in a one rack space nineteen inch unit.


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S-80 Producer Box

Two channels of the classic Series 80 patented mic pre and EQ., totally accurate and faithful to the original sound as confirmed by leading reviewers.

Not to be confused with other so-called replicas, this unit really is the most authentic original of all.

  • Transformer coupled mic pre with +48 Volt phantom power
  • Balanced inserts post the mic pre., line input
  • Phase switch
  • Great sounding musical EQ
  • Pan pots with mutes into two 100mm quality faders that can be conductive plastic or super-carbon
  • Discrete components of the finest quality are used throughout "just like in the original" design

The real tribute to the original great team at Trident Audio Developments, London in the 70's.

Gain, Noise and Distortion:

"Just like the original" .............. and that sounded just great !


What the reviewers say:
(we gave them an original Series 80 module from a console and let them A-B with the S80 Producer Box)

"As far as my ears are concerned, the new box sounds absolutely identical to the original Series 80 channel in every way."
(Hugh Robjohns - Sound on Sound)

"The most remarkable thing though was the fact that John Oram has achieved the aim of duplicating the original: any setting I created on the original could be cloned exactly on the S80 with no audible difference."
(Dave Foister - Studio Sound)

What the users say:
"John Oram makes great gear. He did in the seventies and it's just as good today. My Neve sounds a little tame and fluffy compared to the hard in your face sound of the S80 Producer Box. I love it!"
(Randy Bachman - B.T.O.-Guess Who)


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ORAM S-100 8 Channel Mixer

A free standing or rack mount 8 channel mixer at a price well within the budget of every project room yet still featuring that great ORAM EQ and smooth analogue signal path has to be a real asset in today's recording.

Even live sound can really benefit from the features on this mini-board.

  • Five auxiliaries
  • Multi-line inputs and enough gain for a microphone too
  • Routing into 3 separate stereo busses (or six monos)
  • The assembly of simple surround tracks is possible
  • Stereo returns, metering and solo in place
  • Perfect for "warming" digital programme

Sounds good to me !


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ORAM S-120 Linear Fader Pack

The ORAM S120 provides ten 100mm linear faders to add to the S100 8 channel mixer.

Simply connecting into the inserts of the S100, or any console or rack piece with inserts, the S120 provides fader control and mutes on each channel and the main left-right masters.

19" rack mounting by 4U the S120 Linear Fader Pack is available now.


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ORAM S-140 Headphone / Stage mixer

"How often on a session have the band each wanted a different headphone mix?"

Whether "cans" or "in-ear" and even stage monitor mixes, the S140 is the perfect solution. From the design house of John Oram, ORAM PROFESSIONAL Audio introduces the S140 Headphone Amplifier-Stage Monitor Mixer.
  • The new ORAM S140 provides 16 high quality outputs for headphones or stage monitors
  • 8 separate mixes of 8 inputs drive individual headphone amplifiers each capable of driving two sets of headphones
  • The unit features wide bandwidth, low noise quality analogue and is perfect for the artiste to adjust their own headphone mix
  • 19" rack mounting by 5U the S140 Headphone amplifier/Stage monitor

ORAM S-140

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ORAM S-200 8 Channel Live Sound Mixer

Following the signing of an agreement between John Oram's: Oram Professional Audio with EARTH-MUSIC of Germany, the two partners are pleased to announce they are collaborating on a series of products.

With many years of live sound mixing, Günter Erdmann, owner of EARTH-MUSIC and John Oram are bringing a live sound mixer in a rack format to market.

"I have always believed as a designer in working alongside a practical mixing engineer who really knows what is required to create a good result. Günter knows what is required as facilities and my studio design and mixing knowledge will ensure the high-end sonics required are achieved" Oram states.

"I am very happy that there is someone who is listening to build all the options into a mixing board which are so useful for everyday projects. I always had in my mind of taking all these ideas and bringing them into a project to build a live sound console I can truly call my own. I am very glad John has made it happen. He even took some of my ideas to the next step. He, with all his huge experience, is really listening and he knows exactly how to usefully transfer ideas into a working unit and bring it to life," says Günter Erdmann.

There are other projects on the drawing board which will be announced soon.


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