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Classic mic preamplifier design as used on our large format consoles and rack equipment

  • John Oram's world renowned "Classic British EQ design" on every channel.
  • Headroom (+28dBu) and noise specifications equal or better than many expensive large format consoles
  • Fully balanced input and outputs **
  • 8 auxiliary send busses
  • 8 tracking busses
  • Dedicated monitoring buss with mono mode and dual speaker selection
  • True Analogue VU Metering on master section
  • Dedicated talkback with built in mic
  • Incredibly low noise external power supply
  • Extremely compact space saving design
  • Optional meter bridge
** With the exception of insert points

T Series 16

ORAM T Series - Meterbridge features

The Optional meterbridge offers the following features:

  • 12 led metering with peak hold facility on all channels
  • Metering on all 8 subs plus master L/R outputs
  • Global level shifting for compatibility with digital signal levels
  • User upgradable from standard T Series, very easy to install
  • Conveniently hides all connections and cabling from view
  • Wood cladding as standard

T Series Meterbridge

Other models/sizes are available as follows:

T Series 8
The most compact and affordable console we have produced to date. With all of the classic vintage sound preserved, this unit is a perfect entry level product; at the same time offering a fully professional specification.

T Series 8 Rack
(As above but in a 19" Rack mountable version)
All input and output connections have been moved to the rear of the unit enabling this console to be mounted in a permanent studio desktop where desk space is at a premium Cables are hidden and the minimum console footprint size achieved.

T Series 16
(As shown in example picture - with optional meter bridge fitted)

T Series 24

T Series 32

T Series 32

T Series - RTB
This customised version was designed specifically for world renowned record producer Roy Thomas Baker. This model features aluminium control knobs, full meterbridge as standard and the original chipset used from John Oram's original vintage designs.

(meterbridge is included)

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