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The BEQ PRO24 is the result of John Oram's vision of a truly professional 2mix and 5.1 analogue console for the Pro Studio owner. It delivers a sound quality that is far superior to any mixer in this category. Adopting a "no compromise of sound" philosophy by utilising the very best components and of course, the Magic or Oram's circuitry design. Individual retro-size aluminium front panels,all metal potentiometers combined with the very latest Surface Mount Technology (SMT) design, affording less crosstalk and increased packaging density. The reinforced steel frame, with a soft arm rest houses a host of unique features.


The Pro 24 5.1 console WON the PRO AUDIO REVIEW's Award for 'PAR EXCELLENCE' at the 109th AES show in LA

Professional 5.1 audio console from the 'father of British EQ' John Oram. The Oram BEQ Pro24 has been designed for the studio that requires the classic warm sound that Oram Sonics delivers, together with today's sound-around mix functionality.

  • Features 4 band EQ-magic™ Equaliser
  • Lo and Hi filters
  • 2 band EQ on small fader
  • 24 track outputs, with direct out switch
  • 8 Group faders / sub-mix faders
  • 8 Aux's with mute and pre/post switching
  • 8 more Aux's via the small fader routing (total of 16)
  • Large/small fader flip
  • 5.1 routing with sub-output mix matrix
  • Automation ready
  • Global 'solo kill' and 'remix' mode
  • Signal present - large/small faders
  • 8 Stereo returns with EQ
  • Stereo Hi-Def EQ Stereo Sonicomp
  • LED channel metering
  • Optional stand and body kit
  • External 'silent run' PSU
  • Pro24 Console with optional body kit

The mic-pre's of the BEQ Pro 24 Console are identical to the BEQ Series 24 console, the Oram Sonics MWS (Microphone Work Station), and the Octasonic eight channel preamplifier and utilises the highest quality 'Analog Devices' components. The Equaliser is the heart of any mixer and in keeping with all classic Oram EQ's delivers a sound that can only be appreciated in demonstration or comparison.


Each channel has a direct output which, enabling the PRO 24 Console to be utilised for full 24 track recording.

The 60mm monitor faders can output and main Left-Right buss can give a possible five-mix output for Left-Centre-Right surround mixing. Full eight buss routing is provided to 100mm group faders. A sub-bass output with built in crossover, for line applications or studios with nearfields, to enable a centre sub-bass speaker to be added.

Pro 80

Master section

The Pro 24 is also equipped to deliver your finished master from the 2 mix output. We have included $ 6,000 worth of mastering equalisation and compression in the centre section.

8 Aux send masters and 8 Stereo returns with full routing.

No other console available in its price range can offer so many features and performance - the BEQ Pro 24 is a world leader.



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