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Shantanu Hudlikar proudly including his ORAM SONICOMP 2 Limiter/Compressor and ORAM MWS Microphone Work Station into his fine rack of audio processing in his studio control room.

"My God John, how do you do it!!!!
The MWS is like the missing link for that sound in my head. It's just spectacular . I've tracked tabla, acoustic guitar , kick, tympani, snare , bi amped Marshall JCM 800. Expletives withheld !!!!!
The Sonicomp is freaking me out. I've so far  used it on my drum buss. Wham !!!!! Crunchy guitars.... that sustain. Expletives withheld again!!!!
You are a genius John. I'm so stoked that I need more!!!!


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Manfred Jongenelis Etten-Leur (NL)

Owner / director of Manfred Recordings ,Netherlands

Producer/engineer /arranger/composer/songwriter /


In 2010 it was time to upgrade my studio. Both the Interior décor and the equipment needed to be refreshed.

I had to make a choice, ... Digital or Analogue. I got a tip from a colleague/friend to listen to the Oram

Pro-Series. My decision was taken quickly, when I heard and felt the warmth and dynamism of this board,

I knew immediately that this is for me, my ideal mixing console. The studio has grown to be so much more professional because of the Oram BEQ Pro 24.


I was so charmed by the sound that I wanted to meet Mr. John Oram. I easily made personal contact with

John and he invited me to his studios and workshop. While there I tried different devices, and am now the

proud owner of  Two Hi-Def 35 's (Oram's famous high definition equalizer) and a pair of Oram LS 102A

powered nearfield monitors.  Outside of that John Oram has been a good salesman and technician and

there is a real friendship between us.


Thank you John!

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Here's a review of the ORAM DM-16 Summing MIxer

The Linemixer DM-16 is the ideal tool to blow Life into a digital mix. If you use nice D/A Converter, those can be optimal adjust the value with the Help of this tool. The resolution of a reverb produced in a DAW in example, is much better with the DM-16 then in the digital bounce. it is also good for electronic music!

It's not esotherik! You can hear the difference absolutely! It's like John says it: It gives warmth and soul to the mix!

Philipp Greter [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]


A recent customer had this to say:

" I recently purchased used, an ORAM BEQ Series 24 console without a manual or schematics in need of some minor repair.  I contacted ORAM through the website contact and within 30 minutes I received a reply with details for obtaining the manual and service documents.  Not only did I receive a reply, but it was directly from John himself.  Furthermore, John personally helped me through several technical questions I contacted him with.  Who better to receive advice on a product than from the man who created it.  I am extremely happy and proud to own such an amazing piece of equipment that is not only unparalleled in quality and sound, but also service.  It is incredibly reassuring to deal with a company that stands behind their products, regardless of whether you are the original owner or not.  Thanks John and Co. and I look forward to a long relationship with ORAM."

 Lucas Rogerson

Drayton Records and Spring Street Sound    Canada


We are very proud to hear from our audio professional customers who enjoy their ORAM equipment.

About my Oram T 24 ch analogue console by Francis of musicXart studio



The console is well built and the layout is very clever. The design is incredibly compact for a 24 channel console with all the included features. The connections are layered horizontally on top of the console, hidden behind the meter bridge. This gives to the Oram T its fantastic compact, slim, retro look.

The features you'd expect are all there. Including a built in talk back microphone, the possibility to use the mic preamp and the line in on the same channel at the same time with two separate gain controls, control room section and many other small details that make this console an absolute pleasure to work with.

But its real strength is the sound. Running your tracks through the console you immediately hear that warmth and roundness of Oram hi-end analogue equipment. The summing is clean but with character, presence and punch. A lot of headroom available.

The channel eq is absolutely amazing. The low end is tight and round. The high end is pure analogue heaven! It is very easy to get rid of muddiness in the low mids and give to the sound clarity and presence in the highs without undesirable side effects.

The mic preamps are fantastic. Again, the sound is clean and warm. The preamp works perfectly in junction with the channel eq. The first recording I made was of a classical guitar. It took five minutes to place the microphones and get the sound I wanted out of the console.


Conclusion: the Oram T console is an amazing piece of hi-end analogue equipment.  With a sound and features that make your life as a recording and mixing engineer much easier.

The Oram T reflects all the passion and the knowledge of a man who has become a legend in the field for a reason: he knows how to treat sounds in the best possible way.


About Mr John Oram:

I met him the first time when I went to his studio to collect my Oram T.  We had spoken over the phone a couple of times and I immediately realised what a pleasure John is to deal with.

Considering the man is a legend, it is incredible that he took the time to meet me. We spent some time in front of a glass of wine, talking about the music business. It's been amazing to see how John is interested in the new generation of sound engineers.  John's curiosity and interest in my opinions struck me. After all these years of work and all he has done for the business, John's passion for music and sounds is still very much present in everything he says and creates.

Thank you John for your invaluable advices and your wonderful creations.




I can't imagine working in my studio without the Oram T console. The eq is so musical, once you try it there is no going back. It helps me to get the sound I want every time. Thank you John for making my work so much easier and my mixes so much better!