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All ORAM products and services can be obtained through our Dealer network or directly from us here in Kent, England.  We are proud to have many specialists around the world who know the quality of our products and will happily supply you.  Some are dealers, some are service technicians, some are sales representatives and agents and all of them are believers in the philosophy of ORAM's design technology.

Contact us if you require further information about your local supplier.

The training programmes and awareness campaigns that we run for our dealers will shortly be available on this site in the form of videos shown on ORAM TV for all to see and learn more about our products.

Pro 80


Al SchmittAl Schmitt

"John is one of the best design engineers in the business. A big part of my sound on records I attribute to John.

The pre, compressor and Eq he designed for me is the best. No one, I repeat no one makes better gear. Keep the good stuff coming John. You are the best."

Your friend,

Al Schmitt

Randy BachmannRandy Bachmann

"He is a gentleman, a genius, and a wonderful friend. His name ranks a high spot in the Top 10 of people who have had an influence of the music of the modern world. His innovations and inventions changed the sound of modern pop and rock music. My heartfelt thanks, best wishes and congratulations go to John Oram on his 40th Anniversary in the biz. He is a pioneer, a survivor, a genius, an innovator and a friend."


Randy Bachman


The Guess Who

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Ringo Starr All Starr Band '95

Leo Sayer

"John is a unique soul in the often dull world of audio engineering. He's a true maverick, a great cook, a perfectionist, a generous friend and family man, a story teller par excellence and friend to all who possess the gift of hearing.
He creates mixing consoles and modules that make all artistes sing like Aretha Franklin or Luciano Pavarotti. I have been happily singing through John's signal path all my career. Without him this world would be a silent and empty place."

I mean every word.

All the best,

Leo Sayer

Paul ChiacchieriniPaul Chiacchierini

"Without my friend John, my studio would not be making great records. Every project that comes through our doors passes through a piece of John Oram-designed equipment before it leaves. It's not just 40 years of just surviving in this competitive business.
John represents 40 years of excellence. I am proud to be the only all Oram facility on the US Atlantic coast, and even more proud that John and his staff are our friends.

Best wishes for continued success!"

Paul Chiacchierini

Owner, Brick by Brick Records, Ltd.,

and Top Shelf Jazz

George PetersenGeorge Petersen

"I've known John Oram for years as a friend, but long before I met him, I admired his innovative approach to audio design.

But what impressed me even more about Mr. John Oram?
He's an amazing human being with a smile and a huge heart that can work miracles.
Too few people know that John's a world-class chef, as well!
And he once dropped by one of my band's performances in San Francisco and spent four hours playing hot percussion licks and jamming with the group.
Anyway, congrats John, on 40 years of success in pro audio, but always remember: Wherever you go, there you are!"

George Petersen

Editorial Director

Mix Magazine

Christopher BoyesChristopher Boyes

"John's Hi-Def Eq is unequalled in the business, it provides a clarity and dimension to sounds I've never experienced before with any device. I've used it on all of the films I've designed since I got it and can't imagine being without it.
John thank-you for helping me put the punch in low's and the shimmer in the highs.
You are a one of a kind phenomenon and I salute you."

Christopher Boyes

Sound Designer/ Re-recording Mixer

Tanglewood Road Prod. and
Skywalker Sound

Avatar (2009)
Pirates of the Caribean
King Kong (2005)
The Lord of the Rings
Jurassic Park
Pearl Harbor
and many more...

Alar SuurnaAlar Suurna

"John Oram's mic pre's and eq's on his BEQ and Trident series are among the most sweet-sounding and best gear on the market and has helped me get the sound I want through many years now, and it will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks John, congratulations

and best wishes!"

Alar Suurna

Mixer/engineer, Stockholm, Sweden

for Roxette

Agneta Fältskog (former ABBA)

Samantha Mumba

Ronan Keating

among others...



To remember the 50 years since 1964 when John was at VOX,
a whole range of past and present activities are taking place.

New guitar products of footpedals in true analogue
design for ROTOSOUND

Stunning new synth products in conjunction
with S*CAT

ABM  -  Artiste Management
Analogue Barn Audio & Video Studios




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John Oram was born in 1949 in Dartford, Kent, England and has enjoyed a busy and rewarding life in the electronic musical industry. His designs have been nominated for  23 Technical Excellence & Creativity awards, winning some along the way.

Following school education he became a professional touring drummer with hit artistes of the period. He was soon to design and build his first professional recording studio: Independent Recordings, Kent, England He joined Vox, Jennings Musical Industries, in electronics for research and development as well as being a musician, recording engineer and technician. Worked with great VOX bands of the day: The Beatles, The Stones and many more, designing as part of the VOX team, new creations:  The Wah-Wah, The Fuzz Box and Continental Organ, leading to the circuitry design for VOX AC50 and Super Beatle amplifiers.

In 1969 he established an Electronics Consultancy firm for both Vox and Movie related companies resulting in inventions in telecine, consumer audio, the marine electronics field, radio telephone, radar and telemetry systems.

Subsequently being recognized by The Law Society in London as a Technical Expert Witness working succesfully with legal counsel. In 1974 John joined Trident Audio Developments as independent electronics design consultant where he continued product design and development for 14 years.  During this time, created the circuitry for the Classic Series 80 console (inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame 2008) as well as many other series of consoles used to record classic albums.

“John joined our company in 1974 and was responsible not only for that company’s innovative design techniques, but also the unique sound quality that Trident became famous for world-wide."  -- Managing Director   T.A.D. ORAM owned the famous Reflex Guitar Systems and Music Technology designing a wide range of very successful active pickups. 1990 – Created innovative new pickups and acoustic preamplifiers for such guitar manufacturers as Martin, Washburn, Charvel Jackson and Lowden with more involvement in pro audio product design when he was dubbed “The Father of British EQ”  1992 Created the Mega-Wing system for Uli Jon Roth, Scorpions "The ultimate pickup system.”

1994 and Oram Professional Audio was formed working with legendary Multi Grammy winning sound engineer Al Schmitt (Al Schmitt GMS Pro Channel used on all his engineering productions) and film director George Lucas (ORAM Series 24 Sound Design console for Chris Boyes  at Skywalker multiple Oscars for sound for Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Lord of the Rings and many more hit movies) both contracted ORAM for his impressive range of custom designed products.

In 1998 and due to popular demand he established Trident Audio Ltd with a new range of Trident equipment which he retained until 2008.  
2004, ORAM celebrated 40 years of audio excellence in the industry In an effort to help young musicians around the world in developing their talents and skills, the The John Oram Foundation was created.
From 1995 to the present time, The Analogue Barn Recording Complex continues recording and producing professional audio to the highest standards 
2008, John was nominated for a Technical Grammy Award.
2012 marks John Oram’s 48th  year in developing electronic musical equipment


John Oram


John Oram

VOX Group

Independent Recordings

Dick John and John Oram