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Jeffrey Grose     25 June 2011 18:35 | Gulfport, Mississippi, U.S.
Absolutly love your company and product offerings. World class! Can't wait to include the 200S into my live analogue/digital (VSTi) hybrid keyboard rig!

Isham     19 February 2011 16:23 | Switzerland and world wide web
the s20 is the most underrated preamp I've never heard. Sounds better than preamp costing 5 x times it price (and even without taking the price into consideration).
looking forward to try the s25 one day 8)

Jamie Dickinson     25 November 2010 23:42 |
Analog is the best!

Mike Carroll     16 March 2010 09:57 | Germany
Many compliments on the new site. Modern, easy to navigate, and informative 8)

Frank     15 March 2010 22:45 | Germany
I have two LS-102 monitor speakers. They sounds really amazing ! Thanks John! :p